Wise, I am not. 

Walking home from school today with Beanie and little Bear we were discussing Yoda. Apparently, one of the ways you can Yoda is so wise is because he mixes his sentences up. I suggested that I must be wise as well then, because I frequently mix up my sentences, (and get confused, call my children by each others’ names, forget what I was saying, etc). The response was a unanimous “No, Mummy! You’re not wise!”

According to my children, the characteristics I share with Yoda are as follows:

1: I am very old. I suppose from their perspective, 38 is ancient. 

2: I am very short. At five foot, one and a half inches, I cannot really argue with that. That half inch is very important, by the way. It must be recognised and included. 

3: I have pointed ears. True. Where most peoples’ external ears roll over at the edge, mine are flat with pointy bits. What can I say? I am a mutant. 

The main differences between me and Yoda according to my children are that I am not wise and I am not green. I’m generally relieved about the lack of green skin. It would draw unnecessary attention. But it would be nice if my kids thought I was at least a little bit wise!


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